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Guide your clients in creating communication campaigns that simplify their buyers’ journey.

Build campaigns for your clients that simplify the buyer journey

Help brands build communications that speed up the customer’s decision-making process. Guide them in defining their goals and analysing consumer trends.

Enhance your client’s messaging

We enhance your client’s digital communications (company website, display ads, videos, social media ads, and influence communications) with valuable and useful data that simplifies the buyer’s decision-making process, including geolocation, contact details for points of sale, product availability, pricing, distribution channels, etc.


Help reinforce your client’s market positioning

Let your clients know the importance of centralising attributes in the purchasing process that cannot always be conveyed in a communication, such as customer reviews, energy consumption, refund policies, user guides, setup assistance, etc.

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Help generate qualified traffic to points of sale

With a click, consumers can easily plan their future purchases. They can access useful information that helps them make a decision to purchase and choose the buyer journey that is best adapted to their needs.


Quick and easy to install

Integrate a simple line of code to facilitate the buyer journey for your client’s customers. We provide quantitative and qualitative data to help your clients understand consumer trends and behaviors.
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Build high-performance buyer journeys

Use our solution to differentiate your clients in their market by centralizing promotional offers and services. Help them strengthen partnerships with their distributors by building strategies that address their common challenges.

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Our main sectors of activity

DIY – Health and wellbeing – Home electronics – Transportation – FMCG


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