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All About Click2Buy

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We believe commerce is connecting people

At Click2Buy, we understand that commerce goes beyond mere transactions—it’s about creating meaningful connections. Our platform is not just a tool to facilitate purchases; it’s a bridge that links desires with satisfaction, consumers with their ideal products, and retailers with a broader, more engaged audience. We believe that every transaction is an opportunity to establish a relationship grounded in trust and mutual benefit.

Personalizing tech

At Click2Buy, technology is personal. We believe in crafting tailored solutions for each brand and retailer, ensuring a perfect fit for every client’s unique needs. Our approach is hands-on and human—no ticket systems, just direct communication and proactive support. We pick up the phone, we initiate conversations, and we make technology feel more human, more accessible.

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Empowering customers

Click2Buy empowers brands to connect seamlessly with consumers and retailers. Our platform enhances product visibility and simplifies the purchasing process, helping brands expand their reach and improve consumer engagement. By providing efficient solutions, we help brands meet consumer demands promptly and effectively, strengthening their market presence.

Building trust

We foster trust and collaboration between brands and retailers, creating a network of reliable partnerships. At Click2Buy, every transaction is an opportunity to reinforce these connections, ensuring transparency and mutual benefits. Our platform is designed to improve collaboration, making each interaction smoother and more productive, thereby building long-lasting relationships.

The story of Click2Buy

Here’s our journey—from inception to triumph. Explore our evolution, reinvention, and rise as we reshape the landscape of brand communication and consumer experiences over our 10+ year journey.


💡 Inception

In 2013, our journey began in Lille. Two entrepreneurs founded our company, then known as Clic2drive, with a singular aim: to transform brand communication into market opportunities.


🚀 Evolution

In 2015, the pivot that changed the course of the company: we became Clic2Buy. With a team of 12 and growing support from 36 clients and 85 retailers, our trajectory surged forward.


🔄 Reinvention

In 2018, we rebranded as Click2Buy. Our vision: revolutionize consumer journeys and empower brands with digital insights. With clients like Nestlé and Michelin under our belt, the path was clear.


🌟 Triumph

Today, with 600 brands, 700 retailers, and a global presence, we stand as industry leaders, a testament to our journey from inception to triumph… but there’s still a long path to go.

Our values

More than 30 team members and over 10 different nationalities are represented at Click2Buy. We’ve got an incredible mix of people from different backgrounds. However, everyone possesses the same 3 values.


Every challenge is easier with support—we thrive by uplifting each other.


We evolve together, pushing boundaries and celebrating every advancement.


Where achieving goals and having fun go hand in hand.

Team talk

What our team has to say

Wonder what it’s like to work at Click2Buy? Check out these videos!

The Dream Team

A solution like ours doesn’t just appear out of thin air – it requires a team of dedicated people. Meet the faces behind Click2Buy’s success!

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