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Our team is dedicated to problem solving and constantly striving for self-improvement. Always up for a challenge, our team is driven to prove that what we do matters.

It’s also a team full of cool people.

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The Click2Buy


It all started

a decade ago...

The idea

Maintaining relations between brands and retailers is no easy feat. When there’s a disconnect between the two, it’s not only brands and retailers that suffer, but the consumer too. What is every means of communication from a brand provided a simple and fluid way for consumers to purchase their product?

The solution

Enter Click2Buy - an omni channel solution that makes any communication channel a point of sale.


Upon creation, Click2Buy quickly partnered up with some of the biggest names in the FMCG sector like Nestlé, all the while building up a robust network of retail partners across Europe.


10 years later, Click2Buy has become one of the leaders of Where to Buy, with over 500 brands that are boosting their conversion rates with our solution, as well as over 650 retailers in our network that are increasing their traffic significantly.

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