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You’re driving traffic on your site, your social media channels are gaining traction, your visibility has never been higher.

Now the question is – what are you doing with it?


You’ve got all the product information at the ready, you’re running paid acquisition campaigns to boost sales.

And what if you got a boost in traffic from the brands themselves?

Set-up in no time.

Good news – our solution doesn’t require any major development intervention.

We pride ourselves in not only our solution’s ease of implementation, but also our customer support.

From contacting retailers to debugging, we’ll handle it all.

“Click2Buy is an essential solution that we integrate across all our brands’ sites with an easy and quick installation.“

Clément Faure
La Martiniquaise

An unparalleled retail network.

Yes, we’ve got the big names in retail across the globe. But we’ve also got all of the other non big-box stores.

Do you have a product with a specific set of retail partners you’d like to display? Let us know, we’ll handle the integration ourselves.

Rest assured: from FMCG to hyper niche, our network is equipped to suit your product.

“Thanks to Click2Buy, we’ve been able to add a lot of new retailers to our network this year and it’s apparent when we look at the revenue generated.”

Ben Shaw
Techtronic Industries

What’s a great product without a
great support team?

We consider anybody who used our solution to be a partner, and our team is ready to do whatever it takes to make our collaboration a successful one.

Partners receive a dedicated account manager that knows the ins and outs of their business activity, in addition to providing comprehensive technical support.

They’re called customer success managers for a reason.

“I’m very pleased with the collaboration established between VTech and Click2Buy: the support is very professional, very pleasant and very constructive. Congratulations to the teams!”

Sandrine Roucheray

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Sanivite - Residential Low Inlets Gray Water Drain Pump- 0.4HP

REF. 008

The Sanivite drain pump is used to pump gray water away from a variety of fixtures in commercial and residential applications. The system is able to discharge the waste up to 16 feet vertical and/or 150 feet horizontal. This model is small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet and was designed to sustain the toughest applications as it is capable of handling hot water and grease.


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