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5 good reasons to do “Buy Now”

5 good reasons

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The “buy now” Is not only a button to customise your communication media, it will revolutionize your way to communicate. But you, as a brand, what do you get from this? Our 5 good reasons will help you to discover why to use a Buy Now solution.

N°1 – Make your supports shoppable!

Adding a call-to-action (ex: « Buy Now» button) on your communication media, for example on a classic website, makes it possible – without transforming it into an e-commerce website – to sell your products online on this website. Thanks to the integration of a “buy now” solution, you adopt a real cross-channel strategy and contribute to the improvement of your digital performances.

For what communication media can it be used? For all! If it is print or digital, there is a solution for all of them: a button on a website, a tab on Facebook, a link on a pin on Pinterest, a clickable image in a video or a QR code in a magazine.

N°2 – Your consumers can find and buy your products in only a few clicks

Back in time, the brand’s communication was like this: ”Ah! I’ve just seen an ad for this product and I’d really like to test it! But I don’t know where to find it…”.

And yes, you needed to come up with a solution all by yourself to find and buy the product that you had just seen. But from now on, the communication works like this: “This ad is amazing! I’d like to test this product!”

And there you go! You help your consumer to buy the product in only a few clicks. With the Buy Now, you make the consumer’s path on the internet more fluent and you accompany the consumer all along their purchase: You follow them from the communication to the retailer.

With only one click, your consumers can see which retailers have the product in stock and are close to their current position. Information that you offer as an additional service while communicating. These solutions are particularly efficient – especially for rare or seasonal products you cannot find in every store.

N°3 – You generate qualified traffic for your retailers

Create a bridge between your communication and your distribution channels makes it possible to generate qualified traffic for your retailers. The consumers using your Buy Now solution and choosing a retailer are very interested in the product. This is confirmed by a conversion rate that doubles when the the traffic comes from a brand  (source: specialized retailer).

N°4 – Optimize your campaigns and media plans

You are endlessly looking for a possibility to improve the profitability of your media campaigns? The Buy Now might help you.

  • Imagine that your banners localise automatically and display the retailers that are the closest to the consumer and that have the product in stock…
  • Imagine that your TV spot with the Shazam service is combined with a Buy Now solution… When the consumer uses the application Shazam, they are redirected to the Clic2Buy solution that displays the retailers for your product (responsive, of course!)
  • Imagine that your newsletters are not only promoting your products but make it possible to buy without hesitation…

You can imagine so many situations when to integrate a Buy Now solution on your campaigns! So do not hesitate to let us know your creative ideas!

N°5 – You turn your digital strategy into an amazing business source

It is not always easy to find synergies between the marketing, the communication, the commerce and the digital. Every department has a strategy on its own. However, generating an added value and profitability is a common goal for all the teams.

The Buy Now can contribute to bring together all departments in a company. From the product teams that receive the offers to the digital teams that lead the commercial animation on an internal level, the solutions improve the sales performances and bring the consumer experience to the next level. It is a very performing service.

What about you, are you tempted to use a Buy Now solution?

Your Clic2Buy Team


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