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Instagram : Become necessary to brands


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In 2017, one-third of the most viewed Instagram stories are from brands that are followed by 80% of users.

For several years, brands have used Instagram as a marketing tool in its own right. Today, all the brands are starting to use it, whether BtoC or BtoB, each finds its interest.

BtoC commitment (Business to Consumer)


Instagram Lacoste


Instagram allows brands from all sectors to forge stronger links with consumers. Videos and pictures from brands accounts are always staged to make consumers dream and travel. Following Lacoste’s example, the product doesn’t seem untouched but enhanced to make consumer want to buy.



Instagram GoPro


Some brands go even further by publishing videos and pictures from their consumers on their own account. GoPro would use up to 80% of photographs of their ambassadors to promote their products ! This would further motivate their customers who wish to appear on the brands account.


Instagram Shopping Zara


It is therefore not surprising that this social media is developing more and more its market sideInstagram Shopping, launched in 2018, has been a great success toward brands.With the possibility to tag products on their pictures, brands allow their consumers to buy staged product. The only downside was that the consumer could not buy directly on the application because it was inevitably redirected on the brand e-shop This is what the Zara brand does !

The platform understood the issue in March 2019, so they launched “Checkout”: an innovation to buy directly on Instagram without leaving the application ! This feature is currently being tested in the United States and on a limited number of brands, but this system will certainly revolutionize the purchases of brands via this network.

BtoB creativity (Business to Business)

It might initially be thought that Instagram is reserved for brands with a direct link to the buyer, but this is not necessarily the case. Some brands are doing well by highlighting both of their company and their employees. This allows them to create and enhance their employer brand and show their sympathy.

Brands even  show the public a decor unlike what they usually see by posting pictures of their office facilities, their co-working spaces or their canteen! A way to humanize a little more these brands that are sometimes little known to the general public.

Moreover, some BtoB brands are real champions in the control of Instagram. This is the case of General Electric, which regularly posts photos of its products, its projects and also its employees. The brand still has 403,000 subscribers!

Another example of a creative account is the company Hubspot, which displays on its feed an entirely different image of its company by offering its subscribers their own vision of today’s business.

Quotes from personalities, memes of current series, videos on customer engagement and even photos of cats … The company’s account to 187,000 subscribers is far from conventional!

Instagram is not one more network to manage but rather a conversion device both human and merchant. A machine to create ambassadors and certainly a differentiating asset for companies.

Instagram and Click2Buy

Where to Buy is compatible with social networks, including Instagram. It allows you to redirect your customers on the site of distributors who sell your products. To learn more about how to integrate it with Instagram TV, your posts, stories, and sponsored publications, download our product profile or contact us !

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