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Holiday Season 2022 : how to prepare for the new consumer trends

Numerator’s Holiday consumer intentions survey indicates that 92% of American households celebrate Thanksgiving, 94% celebrate Christmas, and 65% New Year’s Eve. But consumers’ way of celebrating and purchasing supplies for these holidays keep on changing, even more so in the past few years ! It is particularly important for brands to keep up with the latest consumer trends, in order to meet your clients’ expectations this year. That’s precisely why Click2Buy analyzed for you the recent surveys about customer intentions for this Winter Holidays, let’s take a look !

Is there any change regarding this year’s budget ?

According to Kantar’s 2021 survey, there is : a significant amount of people in the United Kingdom plan on spending less for the 2021 Holidays than last year. More than a quarter (26%) of the respondents will spend less this year. However, half (51%) are expecting to spend around the same.

That might be linked to the fact that consumers are less likely to gather and celebrate outside of their own household, as shown in Numerator’s US survey : -13% plan to gather for Thanksgiving, -14% for Christmas, and -15% for New Year’s Eve. 

On the bright side, a significant amount of people who do plan to gather and celebrate are expecting to spend more on their Holidays : 22% of the respondents will extend their budget for Christmas, and 20% for NYE. Most of them stated that they intend to spend the same amount.

Do not wait to communicate !

Indeed, your most important business opportunity for this year’s Christmas is happening as we speak :

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©Numerator – 2021 Winter Holidays survey

Consumers fear they might not be able to find and purchase the presents they want to give, taking the many shortages into consideration. Resulting in an earlier interest in this year’s gift shopping, making November the turning point of most brands’ business opportunities.

Consumers are also looking for the best possible deals to match their budgets, that’s why we advise you to communicate your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in advance ! This will ensure you to be considered by the 30% of consumers planning on buying their gifts during the Black Friday, and the 25% on the Cyber Monday. 

However, be careful not to be too “Christmassy“ that early in the season.  The British Kantar survey showed that while half (51%) of consumers say they “love” Christmas ads, 42% also think they can be cheesy and get annoyed.

Let your consumers choose their preferred purchasing method

Consumers’ intentions to buy their gifts online remain very high this year, but the gap between digital and physical channels is reducing.

capture d’écran 2021 11 09 à 09.51.23
©Numerator – 2021 Winter Holidays survey

A major example of this thinner gap is the amount of consumers researching information about products online, before buying in a physical store. In fact, 46% of retailers believe your clients are currently searching for information about your products online, before going to a store !

Even after Winter Holidays, consumers will be increasingly channel-agnostic. Meaning they will be looking for the most convenient, affordable, and frictionless buyer journeys.

These two key factors lead us to advise you to be very exhaustive regarding your online product information, and to let your consumers choose their preferred purchasing method (online or offline) from there

A Where to Buy solution might come in handy for this ! We enable brands to simply redirect their digital traffic from their website (or any digital campaigns) directly to the client’s preferred retailer, online or physical, where your product is in stock. Making sure your Winter Holidays buyer’s journey is simple, omnichannel and frictionless !

Sources :
Numerator’s 2021 Holidays survey


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